Unified Tow Brake
Width 29.0 in.
Height 11.5 in.
Depth 5.0 in.
Weight 18.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part UTB-1000

Unified Tow Brake

SKU: 14-6881
MSRP: $1,582.40

No one else offers these premium features at ANY price! Each time it is activated, a signal is sent to the Power Module located in the towed vehicle engaging the vacuum pump to replenish vacuum to the towed vehicle's power brake booster. Monitors and adjusts for both road conditions and terrain ALL BY ITSELF! Remote control houses the computer "brain", and is wired to the Power Module installed in the towed vehicle. It progressively modulates the braking effort of the towed vehicle to mirror the braking effort applied to the motorhome's brakes through the use of multiple accelerometers and computer software. Non Hydro Boost models include a 12V vacuum pump that mounts in the engine compartment of the towed vehicle. The driver can simply depress the override thumb switch lever and apply brakes to the towed vehicle for brake assistance. 94-7509 contains components for the towed vehicle. Use for a second towed vehicle or when a motorhome is already equipped with U.S. Gear dash module and components.