22" x 22" Lid for Elixir
Width 22.6 in.
Height 5.2 in.
Depth 22.9 in.
Weight 3.9 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 90129-C1

22" x 22" Lid for Elixir

SKU: 22-0171
MSRP: $90.06

When in normal use, these large exit vents draw out and emit three times the air flow of a conventional size dome vent. A unique added feature is that they are designed to allow a person to escape through the vent by engaging the emergency lever that opens the screen, to allow passage out of the vehicle should such an emergency arise. Exit Vents have White domes, and are available in five sizes. 22" x 22" Vent Lid Only w/Crossbar-White