3X Foaming Coil Cleaner
Width 2.75 in.
Height 2.75 in.
Depth 9.5 in.
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Manufacturer DirectLine Industries
Manufacturer Part 117

3X Foaming Coil Cleaner

SKU: 13-3013
MSRP: $10.71

Foaming No-Rinse, No-Wipe Cleaner Foaming action cleans deep, needs no rinsing or wiping

Removes organic odors and leaves no harsh fumes Powerful jet spray eliminates the need for high pressure sprayers or bulky tank sprayers

No rinsing required when applied to a functioning unit that produces moisture Provides optimum performance & reduces electrical usage

Powerfull spray formulated to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, lint, grease and matted material from RV condenser coils and fins