790 Series LED Double White
Width 4.5 in.
Height 1.75 in.
Depth 12.8 in.
Weight 0.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part PD792WWLEDV

790 Series LED Double White

SKU: 69-9460
MSRP: $43.02

These bright LED lights are the newest trendsetting 12Volt, light design. Available in Single or Double lens, these lights gracefully blend well with any ceiling surface. The slim profile is ideal for low clearance areas. They fit directly into the location as the normal 790 series lights and feature large lenses and reflector design for excellent illumination. They are made with heat-resistant, high impact polymer to minimize accidental damage. The lights are easy to install and feature a snap-out lens design. 11-17/20"L x 4-1/2"W x 1-3/4"H.