8300 Series Power Center 45A
Width 15.0 in.
Height 13.38 in.
Depth 11.5 in.
Weight 19.41 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 8345

8300 Series Power Center 45A

SKU: 19-1756
MSRP: $339.38

8345 45amp DC Output The 8300 Series brings output amperages to 30 amp shore services that have never been seen before. Active power factor correction allows converter sections to operate on 120VAC 15A Branch Circuits leaving plenty of power for running other 120VAC devices! The 8300 Series Features 30 Amp Shore Service

Filtered Full-Range DC Outputs of 45, 55, 65 or 75 Amps DC Converter Operates on 120VAC 15 Amp Branch Circuit!

Durable Steel Enclosure * 11 Position Fuseblock with Blown Fuse Indicators!