Air Duct 2"x25' Flex Metalized Polyster
Width 4.0 in.
Height 16.0 in.
Depth 13.0 in.
Weight 2.0 lbs.
Manufacturer AP PRODUCTS
Manufacturer Part 013-665

Air Duct 2"x25' Flex Metalized Polyster

SKU: 13-1001
MSRP: $24.44

Ultra 10 core with 2 Ply, polyester - metalized polyester. Very versatile air connector product capable of performing in a multitude of low to medium pressure HVAC applications. Well suited for main trunk lines, supply and return lines, connecting lines, as well as runs to diffusers and room registers, and other terminal devices in spaces where insulation is not required. It also is perfect venting and exhaust applications. Do not use for the venting of cooking and clothes drying appliances unless approved and recommended by the appliance manufacturer. The outer layer of this polyester film is also metalized for aesthetics. UL rated operating temperature: -20°F up to 180°F, -29°C up to 82°C.