Alkyd Fibererd Roof Coating Gal. Alum.
Width 6.8 in.
Height 7.5 in.
Depth 6.8 in.
Weight 10.7 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 43128-4

Alkyd Fibererd Roof Coating Gal. Alum.

SKU: 13-0751
MSRP: $68.07

Plas-T-Cote Alkyd Roof Coating is formulated for coating aluminum and galvanized roofs. A non-asphalt, high-quality coating that contains long fibers, titanium pigments and non-drying resins. It is a thick coating that conforms to and protects roofs against all weather conditions. Has excellent acoustical and insulating qualities. Stays flexible to contract and expand with roof seams. Available in Aluminum color. Not for use on homes with asphalt or rubber roofing. Covers approximately. 40-50 sq. ft. (3.6-4.5 sq. m.) per gallon. 1 GALLON