Back Pin LED Bulb
Width 3.0 in.
Height 5.75 in.
Depth 1.0 in.
Weight 0.01 lbs.
Manufacturer AP PRODUCTS
Manufacturer Part 016-G4-205BP

Back Pin LED Bulb

SKU: 18-0249
MSRP: $21.51

Back Pin G4 LED Bulb 205 LMS Interior LED replacement bulb used in bi-pin halogen fixtures. Lasts 60 times longer than the G4 it replaces, and is 399% more energy efficient (draws 246 milliamps). Patent pending design allows the bulb to be easily placed inside any side or bck pin fixture, also state of the art copper heat dissipation apparatus helps the unit stay cool, thus increasing life expectancy and lumen output (205 LMS, compared to 100 LMS of typical halogen bulb). Produces a warm natural light - 4000 Kelvin. FCC approved, will not interfere with radio/analog signals. 4200K color temperature, 205 lumen output, 12 volts DC, 3.67 total watts and .301 toal amps 60,000 hour life expectancy