Battery Brain Gold
Width 8.25 in.
Height 10.63 in.
Depth 3.0 in.
Weight 1.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 333126

Battery Brain Gold

SKU: 69-7609
MSRP: $163.10

Don't be stranded due to a dead battery, saving wasted time and unecessary towing/repair costs! Patented technology prevents damage to the battery, electronics and other devices while extending battery life. Once installed on the vehicle's positive battery terminal, the Battery Brain monitors battery charge to detect if the charge is being drained below the level required to start the engine at which time it will disconnect the battery from the vehicle's electrical system, preventing further drainage and preserving enough charge to start the engine. Offers manual or remote control connection. This unit also has a remote control disconnection feature acting as an anti-theft device. 1/box.