Bed Saver Reese&Drawtite 14K-16K & Round Sliders
Width 11.0 in.
Height 34.0 in.
Depth 6.0 in.
Weight 36.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part BXR4100

Bed Saver Reese&Drawtite 14K-16K & Round Sliders

SKU: 14-5716
MSRP: $308.07

BedSaver for Reese 14K and 15K hitches Slip happens. ItUs not a matter of it, but a matter of when. Dropping your fifth wheel is more common and dangerous than you might think. With BedSaver you can put those worries to rest. The BedSaver works for your towing truck by literally catching the kingpin if it slips off the coupler. Blue Ox BedSaver comes with a one year warranty. Simply installation P no hitch modifications needed.

No moving parts to wear out or break. Minimal maintenance after installation.

The hitch operates normally.