Bell Crank - GM Chassis
Width 7.0 in.
Height 7.5 in.
Depth 7.0 in.
Weight 8.0 lbs.
Manufacturer SUPER STEER
Manufacturer Part P3032

Bell Crank - GM Chassis

SKU: 15-3200
MSRP: $387.98

The Super Steer Bellcrank was specially developed to reduce "road wander" and "rut tracking" permanently, and it increases tire life. How? Well, standard bellcranks are equipped with a simple sleeve at the point of wear. The Super Steer Bellcrank uses a Chrome-moly 4130 heat-treated steel shaft, fitted with long-wearing quality tapered roller bearings. This has proven to cut wear to an absolute minimum. The Super Steer Bellcrank has been tested to 30,000 lbs. of stress at the end of the bellcrank, with no side-to-side or vertical movement after the test. This is why the Super Steer Bellcrank offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Requires virtually no maintenance, because it's fully sealed to keep out road dirt and water. Ideally, the Super Steer Bellcrank should be installed in pairs for maximum effect and safety, but a single unit can be installed on the driver's side only (the passenger side does not wear out as quickly). Fits all Chevrolet/Workhorse P30 & P32 M/H chassis