Blue RTV
Width 3.75 in.
Height 8.0 in.
Depth 1.38 in.
Weight 0.3 lbs.
Manufacturer PERMATEX CORP.
Manufacturer Part 80022

Blue RTV

SKU: 69-9445
MSRP: $4.05

The original Blue. Will not foul oxygen sensors. Replaces almost any cut gasket. Makes reliable "formed-in-place" gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating. Coats pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability. Temperature range -65° F to 500°F intermittent; resists auto and shop fluids. First generation 1970-1980 gasket maker. Suggested Applications: Valve covers, oil pans, timing covers, water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans.