BodySpa White
Width 7.25 in.
Height 4.0 in.
Depth 13.25 in.
Weight 1.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 26781

BodySpa White

SKU: 10-1643
MSRP: $38.22

Say "so long!" to wimpy RV showers. The powerful BodySpa has patented amplifying technology to supercharge water for an intense spray-regardless of water pressure. You'll always enjoy fast, thorough rinsing, yet SAVE up to 30% on water! Plus the unique technology infuses your water with nourishing oxygen. This provides skin-revitalizing benefits, and a fuller, more satisfying spray. The convenient handheld has a "smart pause" shutoff valve, perfect for maintaining water temperature while sudsing. Smart, self-regulating design adjusts to your water pressure, ensuring a consistent, forceful flow while minimizing water usage. So you SAVE MORE water, energy, and money. Durable and reliable, this sleek workhorse never needs maintenance. Internal components are made from industrial-strength, nonstick materials to prevent corrosion and mineral build up-even in extreme hard water conditions. WaterSense certified. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Includes wand, 60" hose, wall mount holder, "smart pause" shutoff valve, and plumber's tape. White