Bolt Receiver Lock 5/8" Chryr
Width 5.86 in.
Height 7.25 in.
Depth 2.1 in.
Weight 1.2 lbs.
Manufacturer DURASAFE, INC
Manufacturer Part CRL625-C

Bolt Receiver Lock 5/8" Chryr

SKU: 69-7368
MSRP: $35.72

The BOLT™ Series of can be programmed to match your car key. The exclusive solid zinc core automotive grade cylinder with stainless steel weather resistant shutter keeps out dirt and dust and is rated #1 for corrosion resistance. Unique 6-plate tumbler sidebar makes it nearly impossible to pick or bump. Available in 5/8" dia. pin for Class III and IV receivers (2" square receiver) – designed to fit all 2" receivers including heavy duty series trucks and 1/2" dia. pin for Class II receivers (1.5" square receiver).