Converter 200W
Width 5.0 in.
Height 3.5 in.
Depth 10.5 in.
Weight 2.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 6993

Converter 200W

SKU: 70-0329
MSRP: $59.37

The Max BurtonĀ® 200-Watt Converter allows you to take any 12-volt appliance or accessory and operate it from 120-volt power, up to 200 watts/15 amps. Includes a 12-volt socket to plug in the appliance and a 120-volt outlet to plug into any 120-volt power source. A power switch on the converter will shut power off to the appliance in addition to any power control included on the appliance. Makes traveling easier by by taking standard 12-volt appliance or accessory and moving it from a vehicle into an office, home, or hotel room that has 120-volt power receptacle.