Deluxe Bipod
Width 52.0 in.
Height 10.0 in.
Depth 3.5 in.
Weight 26.0 lbs.
Manufacturer NORCO IND. INC B.A.L.
Manufacturer Part 25030

Deluxe Bipod

SKU: 15-0931
MSRP: $159.65

The King Pin stabilizing jack is designed for stabilizing the front of a fifth wheel travel trailer by applying pressure against the king pin. The deluxe model 25030 includes extendable legs on both the jack tube and support tube sides for longer reach when used at a campsite with uneven terrain. Sets up in seconds and simple to operate. Foldable drive screw handles fold down for activating the jack and fold up when not in use or for storage. Heavy duty construction yet lightweight and easy to store. Large diameter base pads with heavy duty chain and hooks. Support leg length 54 inches to 69 inches Jack leg length 52 1/2 inches to 77 1/2 inches Actual weight 28 pounds