Dish 1000 Antenna
Width 22.5 in.
Height 8.5 in.
Depth 33.25 in.
Weight 20.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part DS-1005

Dish 1000 Antenna

SKU: 24-0174
MSRP: $150.83

Enjoy your DISH Network(R) programming, including all High Definition channels, at home or on the road. Winegard DS-1005 features the DISH 1000 antenna, DISH Pro Plus Twin LNBf for 119 deg. W and 110 deg. W orbitals, DISH Pro Dual LNBf for 129 deg. W orbital, and combination mount for home mounting. Install on your home, or take the antenna on the road with the Winegard 22-1416 (TR-3500) tripod mount (not included). Connect the antenna to your digital satellite receiver and access up to 1000 channels of crystal-clear digital programming. Multiple receiver capable. (Check with DISH Network(R) for receiver compatibility with DISH 1000 antenna).