EcoSmart Free & Clear Toss-Ins
Width 5.25 in.
Height 9.38 in.
Depth 3.0 in.
Weight 2.95 lbs.
Manufacturer THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891
Manufacturer Part 94032

EcoSmart Free & Clear Toss-Ins

SKU: 13-0086
MSRP: $12.03

Free and Clear Toss Ins EcoLogo is North Americas oldest, most-recognized and respected environmental standard and certification organization. It is the only standard accredited by the Global Eco-Labeling Network that meets the international standard for environmental labels. To meet stringent EcoLogo criteria, a holding tank additive must: Quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs

Fragrance, Dye and Formaldehyde Free Superior Odor Control & Waste Digestion

100% Biodegradable