EK Seal D-Seal Black
Width 30.0 in.
Height 1.5 in.
Depth 30.0 in.
Weight 15.0 lbs.
Manufacturer AP PRODUCTS
Manufacturer Part 018-312-EKD

EK Seal D-Seal Black

SKU: 13-1069
MSRP: $115.52

D Seal for EKD Base, Black, 1 inch x 15/16 inch x 35 feet Advanced EK Series is the ultimate slide out seal systems. Can be used for new installations or when upgrading worn out rubber seals. Order in two parts. The EK Base comes with wiper and is designed with straight edge for easy alignment with adhesive backing. Fasteners maybe used to install as well. D Seal, purchased separately, easily slides onto track in base, hides fasteners and provides a positive seal. EK Series may also be used on interior wall for protection when slide out room is extended or, when replacing a double seal.