Elbow Heater 3"
Width 4.0 in.
Height 0.3 in.
Depth 15.0 in.
Weight 0.1 lbs.
Manufacturer ULTRA-HEAT, INC.
Manufacturer Part AMEH313

Elbow Heater 3"

SKU: 19-1497
MSRP: $76.70

12 Volt 3" Elbow Heater Protect your RV holding tanks and their plumbing from freeze-ups. Designed to work on holding and fresh water tanks, straight pipe and elbows used in motorhomes, travel trailers, vans, campers, etc. Operates on 12 volt to protect while you are camping. The 19-1491 also connects to 120 volts for protection when you ore in a park or have your unit in storage with an electrical hook-up. Now you don't have to camp unprotected!