Electric Step Single 24"W 4.5" Drop
Width 21.0 in.
Height 9.0 in.
Depth 28.0 in.
Weight 48.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part SP-24-100

Electric Step Single 24"W 4.5" Drop

SKU: 04-0066
MSRP: $651.17

Our steps extend when you open your RV door, and retract when you close your RV door automatically. This feature can be over ridden with the power switch at the door to keep the steps in the extended position while at the RV Park. The ignition safety switch will retract your steps if you forget. Self lubricating bushings do not need maintenance, and shoulder bolts (not rivets) reduce the torque on the electric motor for easy operation. Weather proof wiring and connectors prevent shorts and corrosion in the 12-volt system. Easily mounts and replaces other popular brands of electric RV steps. These steps are heavy-duty powder coated for rust resistance. Treads measure 24" w x 10-3/4" d. Single step 4 1/2 inch drop