Elektra Mono Solar Panels 60W
Width 21.5 in.
Height 31.5 in.
Depth 1.5 in.
Weight 17.0 lbs.
Manufacturer RDK PRODUCTS
Manufacturer Part 50060

Elektra Mono Solar Panels 60W

SKU: 69-7016
MSRP: $286.29

Monocrystalline solar panels, durable efficient and independent. Sturdy aluminum framed solar panels mount permanently for hassle free, maintenance free battery charging. Use with the 10A or 25A Solar Charge Controller for safe battery charging anywhere.60W of power per hour of sunlight, panel measures 46.75" by 21.5" and weighs under 19 lbs. Best matched with either the 10A or 25A LCD Displayed Solar Charge Controller.