Elixir 2000 Series White
Width 16.75 in.
Height 18.0 in.
Depth 2.0 in.
Weight 1.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 90082-C1

Elixir 2000 Series White

SKU: 22-0153
MSRP: $16.10

White Lid Bagged with Crossbar. Replacement lids for the old style 14" roof vents are available packaged, in aluminum, amber, White and Smoke. Crossbar included. The Universal style lids will work on Universal Elixir & Ventline vents. Note: Replacement lids for the Exit Vents are available in White only. Crossbar, seal and mounting hardware are included. The 26"x26" lid is available in "old" or "new" style. The "old" style has a 2-1/4" lip and the "new" style has a 1-5/8" lip. Measurements shown in the diagram above.