EMS Surge Protector Hardwire 50A/240V
Width 6.25 in.
Height 5.5 in.
Depth 10.25 in.
Weight 3.75 lbs.
Manufacturer Part EMS-HW50C

EMS Surge Protector Hardwire 50A/240V

SKU: 19-0444
MSRP: $478.55

Hardwired with Remote Display 240 Volt / 50 Amp / 3350 Joules 5"W x 16-1/2"L x 5"H These products are available in portable and hardwired configurations, and provide full coach protection against all adverse power conditions including HD multi-mode Surge protection. Features: Multi-mode Surge Protection with Status Indicator

Voltage Protection Polarity Protection

Open Ground Protection Open Neutral Protection

Frequency Protection Built-in Voltmeter

Built-in Ampmeter Built-in Frequency Meter

Modular Deign (Hardwires only) Built-in Locking Device (Portables only)

3 Year Warranty (Hardwires) * 1 Year Warranty (Portables)