Everest Star 7900 II Furnace 12000 BTUs
Width 10.9 in.
Height 12.8 in.
Depth 22.6 in.
Weight 25.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 36548

Everest Star 7900 II Furnace 12000 BTUs

SKU: 08-0260
MSRP: $785.82

12K BTU FURNACE Electronic Ignition furnaces feature an improved electric shut-off on the gas valve, a new blower assembly that increases air by 60 percent and electronic ignition (no standing pilot). Low amp draw of 2.9A 12V DC. Includes a vent for 0 inches - 3-1/2 inches thick walls. Vent kits for cabinet depths ranging from 20-1/ inches up to 31-1/8 inches. It can be configured for front or side discharge. Use optional cover plate to convert front discharge. Unit size: 11-1/4 inches H x 8-3/8 inches W. 1/box.