EZ Flush Viper 10' Ext Hose
Width 24.0 in.
Height 13.6 in.
Depth 4.6 in.
Weight 2.25 lbs.
Manufacturer Part D04-0410

EZ Flush Viper 10' Ext Hose

SKU: 11-0132
MSRP: $46.73

10' Viper Extension Hose The Viper is the toughest drain hose on the market. Step on it and it bounces back, drag it and it will not leak, poke it and it shows you how difficult it is to puncture, expose it to UV without problem. It is virtually indestructable. Indestructible hose that bounces back when stepped on

New super tough rubberized plastic 26 mil over the wire for leak protection

Easily compresses and stays compressed for storage Completely assembled with rotating bayonet fittings attached

Kit includes Universal sewer adapter for gas tight connections.