Falcon-2 Tow Bar w/Base
Width 14.0 in.
Height 8.0 in.
Depth 45.0 in.
Weight 65.0 lbs.
Manufacturer ROADMASTER
Manufacturer Part 520

Falcon-2 Tow Bar w/Base

SKU: 14-6012
MSRP: $812.13

6,000 pound weight capacity motorhome-mounted tow bar

The use of stainless steel in virtually every moving component allows for smooth, trouble-free operation, and prevents corrosion that binds. Autowlok locking mechanism allows both tow bar arms to extend or retract for a quick connection. Then, as you drive away, the arms self-center and automatically lock.

A patented latching mechanism ensures secure, easy storage on the back of your motorhome. One person quick connect and disconnect.

Full-length, steel crossbar reinforced for maximum support and safety. * A lustrous, high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability.