Fastgun Locks 4/pack
Width 6.38 in.
Height 10.63 in.
Depth 1.0 in.
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Manufacturer TORK LIFT
Manufacturer Part S9500

Fastgun Locks 4/pack

SKU: 20-0434
MSRP: $62.93

Now you can lock your turnbuckles with FastGun Locks. These are real locks, not simple pins like the competition offers! Keep your turnbuckles safe from tampering with the FastGun Locks. They work with all the Fastgun series including the Derringer turnbuckles. FastGun locks are keyed alike for convenience. They feature a snap lock design, a quick and easy lock and unlock, they come with weather caps to prevent weather damage and road grime. The FastGun locks have automotive quality plating. 4 pack.