Fastgun Turnbuckles Long Black
Width 4.0 in.
Height 3.0 in.
Depth 30.0 in.
Weight 9.4 lbs.
Manufacturer TORK LIFT
Manufacturer Part S9529

Fastgun Turnbuckles Long Black

SKU: 16-0512
MSRP: $302.27

Stainless Black 2 pack Leading the camper tie down industry in strength, quality, advanced design and installation. TorkLift TRUE frame mounted tie downs are far superior to all tie down systems available. The TorkLift system is unique in its design and is patented. Four independent tie down points (with no belly or crossbar) working much like your receiver type trailer hitch as the inserts are removable allowing the system to be virtually undetectable when not in use. They are designed for each make and model to fit tight to the frame so as not to compromise ground clearance. TorkLift tie downs are not universal one size fits all therefore all the problems with correct fit for each particular application have been eliminated. TorkLift Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs are sold front and rear separately. Each kit contains driver and passenger side tie downs as well as the bolt kit. Fast No Drill Installation on Most Applications!

Unprecedented Lifetime Warranty Dramatically Improved Handling and Stabilized Ride

Maximized Off-Road Clearance Stealth when not in use

Exemplary Customer Service