Fiberglass RV Roof Coating 1 Gallon
Width 7.5 in.
Height 8.0 in.
Depth 7.5 in.
Weight 12.25 lbs.
Manufacturer DICOR CORP
Manufacturer Part RP-FRC-1

Fiberglass RV Roof Coating 1 Gallon

SKU: 13-1175
MSRP: $82.01

1 gallon The 100% acrylic resin coating forms a flexible layer over any fiberglass roof to protect and beautify. Dicor Fiberglass RV Roof Coating gives roofs a super bright white finish, which resists mildew and algae and reflects the sun's heat to help keep the interior cooler. Two coats are required. One gallon of Dicor Fiberglass RV Coating will cover 350 square feet per coat.