Flagship Premium Wash-N-Wax
Width 2.75 in.
Height 9.0 in.
Depth 3.75 in.
Weight 2.42 lbs.
Manufacturer MEGUIAR'S INC
Manufacturer Part M4232

Flagship Premium Wash-N-Wax

SKU: 13-0718
MSRP: $27.51

Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash N Wax uses an exclusive blend of carnauba and synthetic polymers to add a valuable layer of wax protection while at the same time delivering great cleaning results. This advanced belnd not only emulsifies sald spray, dirt, bird dropppings, and boat scum but also protects against salt air corrosion and the sun's ultraviolet rays while adding a brilliant streak free shine. Ideal fro those hard to work areas like non-skid, no extra rubbing required.