Steering Stabilizer Bracket
Width 0.0 in.
Height 0.0 in.
Depth 0.0 in.
Weight 3.39 lbs.
Manufacturer ROADMASTER
Manufacturer Part RBK9

Steering Stabilizer Bracket

SKU: 15-2721
MSRP: $125.73

Reflex Steering Stabilizers are a safety feature for Class A and C motorhomes, SUVs, vans and emergency vehicles. Tempered steel springs, which are attached to the tie rods and undercarriage, automatically compensate for oversteer caused by pot holes, rut tracks and other unfavorable road conditions, as well as crosswinds and passing 18-wheelers. The springs react instantaneously to bring the vehicle back to center.

  • Safety Feature For Class A And C Motorhomes, SUVs, Vans And Emergency Vehicles
  • Crosswinds And Passing Traffic - Works To Keep Your Steering Centered And Prevents Oversteering To Help Control Your Vehicle More Effectively
  • Pot Holes And Debris - The Motorhome Will Stay Straight And Go In The Direction You Want, Even When You Bounce Through A Pot Hole Or Other Dangerous Road Condition
  • The Springs React Instantaneously To Bring The Vehicle Back To Center

Ford F53 Class A with V-10 engines 2000-2009