Freedom HF Inverter Charger 1000W 20A
Weight 13.23 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 806-1020

Freedom HF Inverter Charger 1000W 20A

SKU: 19-2306
MSRP: $593.55

1000 watt Inverter/Charger The Freedom HF Inverter/Charger provides modified sine wave output to operate demanding loads such as entertainment systems, microwaves, small appliances and other electronics in all types of recreational vehicles. Available in two power levels: 100 and 1800 watts

Built-in 30-amp relay to automatically transfer between inverter power and incoming AC utility power Removable digital display to provide system status

Temperature-controlled multistage charging ensures that your batteries are recharged safely and efficiently Designed to be hardwired using a terminal strip, or by connecting AC through GFCI receptacles (included)

Industry standard protection features such as battery over-voltaage protection, over temperature shutdown, automatic overload protection, short-circuit and ground fault protection