G2 Brake Boss
Width 2.0 in.
Height 8.0 in.
Depth 4.25 in.
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 81792BB

G2 Brake Boss

SKU: 17-0086
MSRP: $156.42

Introducing the new Hayes G2 trailer brake controller with an audible signal alert for connection continuity - a market exclusive feature that makes for safer braking. The easy to find, easy to use manual emergency braking control lets you apply full power in emergency stopping situations. The three axis accelerometer technology automatically levels and senses the rate of deceleration. The G2's large, high-resolution diagnostic liquid crystal panel is recessed to eliminate glare. This easy to read digital display indicates the amount of power being sent to the trailer brakes and allows adjustment in three modes (percent of power, voltage and current). This advanced controller has a power boost feature which gives you the ability to apply more initial braking power when towing heavy trailers.