High Temperature Thread Sealant
Width 4.0 in.
Height 0.5 in.
Depth 6.2 in.
Weight 0.3 lbs.
Manufacturer PERMATEX CORP.
Manufacturer Part 59214

High Temperature Thread Sealant

SKU: 69-9444
MSRP: $4.29

Locks and seals threaded. Fittings, while resisting leakage, vibration loosening, moisture, hydraulic fluids and diesel fuels. Lubricates threads for easy assembly and disassembly. Won’t shred or wear like Teflon® tape. Parts may be repositioned up to 4 hours after application. Some suggested applications: head bolts into through holes, oil PSI sending units and sensors, oil and coolant lines, fuel fittings, rear axle fill plug, brake and power steering fittings. OEM specified. 1 tube per card.