Hitch Mount 4" Rigid Skid Wheel
Width 5.25 in.
Height 5.25 in.
Depth 10.0 in.
Weight 17.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 48-979015

Hitch Mount 4" Rigid Skid Wheel

SKU: 15-1009
MSRP: $141.98

Hitch mount skid wheels are a great way to protect your hitch and undercarriage when pulling in or out of driveways, uneven campsites and anywhere that your hitch or frame might bottom out. Made from solid steel to take the pounding that otherwise could happen to your hitch, holding tanks, jacks or frame. Available in swivel or rigid. No drilling or welding required. Grease fitting for easy maintenance. All mounting hardware included. Sold in pairs 4" x 2" Rigid Skid Wheel