Inteli-Power 4000 Series Power Center 45A
Width 10.0 in.
Height 13.0 in.
Depth 7.0 in.
Weight 7.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part PD4045KV

Inteli-Power 4000 Series Power Center 45A

SKU: 19-0300
MSRP: $269.81

The PD4000 Series "Mighty Mini", is a compact All-In-One AC/DC Distribution Panel and Intelli-Power Converter with built-in Charge Wizard. Compact and lightweight, the PD4000, has front access to a large wiring compartment. The Snap Lock cover stays shut while traveling yet opens with a touch. The AC Distribution Panel is r ated for 120 VAC at 30 AMPS. The DC section has up to 12 branch fuse holders. The "Mighty Mini" is available in a 45 AMP model.