Inteli-Power 4500 Series Power Center 60A
Width 13.0 in.
Height 16.0 in.
Depth 10.88 in.
Weight 9.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part PD4560K12LV

Inteli-Power 4500 Series Power Center 60A

SKU: 19-0307
MSRP: $455.78

The PD4500 is the Ultimate All-In-One AC/DC Distribution Panel and Intelli-Power Converter/Charger. The AC Distribution Panel is rated for 240 VAC at 50 AMPS. The DC section has up to 18 branch fuse holders. Available with either a 60 or 90 AMP Inteli-Power Converter, it's the largest converter/charger available in the industry. The patented built-in Charge Wizard reduces RV battery recharge time and increases battery life, while reducing battery sulfation and maintenance problems. Panel Size: 11.85(W) x 14.125(H) x 8.5(D)

Cutout Size: 10.125(W) x 13.25(H) * Weight: 10 LBS. (60 AMP) and 11 LBS. (90 AMP) 60 amp all in one