Intervac Vacport
Width 5.0 in.
Height 2.0 in.
Depth 10.0 in.
Weight 4.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part A910-E

Intervac Vacport

SKU: 69-5450
MSRP: $37.50

The VacPort sweep inlet valve is available with or without LED lights. Just a slight touch with your toe activates the VacPort sweep inlet valve. Just sweep the dirt toward the opening and let the power of your central vacuum do the rest. Innovative new design makes installation easier than ever. Connects straight from the back of the unit into the existing central vacuum piping, so no elbow connector is needed, and because VacPort was designed with a finishing flange built in, no trim plates are required. No heavy springs so unit turns on and off easily. Compatible with remote RM models only. Made in USA.