Kleen Waste 32 Oz.
Width 5.0 in.
Height 12.0 in.
Depth 5.0 in.
Weight 2.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part M01707

Kleen Waste 32 Oz.

SKU: 69-0547
MSRP: $8.97

Marine/RV/commercial holding tank treatment deodorizes, cleans lines and breaks down waste and tissue. Effective in black and grey tanks. Formaldehyde free. Safe for septic systems and can be used to clean and deodorize holding tanks, boat head, drains, disposals, bilges, portable restrooms and outhouses. Holding tank waste, treated with Bio-Kleen Waste, can be safely emptied into any dumping station or septic system. Leaves holding tank or head clean and smelling fresh.