Living Aboard Your RV 4th Edition
Width 9.0 in.
Height 1.0 in.
Depth 6.0 in.
Weight 0.66 lbs.
Manufacturer MCGRAW-HILL
Manufacturer Part 9780071784733

Living Aboard Your RV 4th Edition

SKU: 69-6661
MSRP: $22.88

Since the early 1980s, Living Aboard Your RV has been the bible for those who want to hit the road, covering the essential topics from choice of RV to electronic communication and costs and banking issues. The 4th edition will help turn your temptation to leave it all behind into a reality. New to this edition are: photos showing the latest models and trends. the breakthroughs in communications technology, and updates on homeschooling and community building especially for those younger families.