Low Profile Cord Reel 50A
Width 11.0 in.
Height 13.0 in.
Depth 17.0 in.
Weight 44.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part CL50D02LS-R

Low Profile Cord Reel 50A

SKU: 19-0076
MSRP: $791.03

Typically used in fifth wheels or coaches with shorter compartments, this short and wide 50 amp cord reel free spools when cord is being pulled out and is motorized to retract the cord back onto the spool. Low profile cord reel with 34' of flexible cord and 4' pigtail to attach the reel to the transfer switch or junction box. Shoreline Reels save RVers time and space as well as being an important element of back-friendly RVing. With the push of a button these products wind up and store power cords and hoses on a single device located in the RV's cable storage compartment. For just a square foot of space, these products eliminate the struggle, tangles and dirty mess you get when you roll up and stow your shoreline cables and hoses. No other cord or hose reel device retrieves more quickly or stores more compactly. Pull the cord or hose and it free-spools off the reel . . . you only pull off what you need. To retrieve, push the button, it is that easy!