Magnum Electric Lift
Width 12.0 in.
Height 11.0 in.
Depth 12.0 in.
Weight 18.0 lbs.
Manufacturer CIRCLE G PRODUCTS INC dba
Manufacturer Part 2SPDMTR

Magnum Electric Lift

SKU: 69-6355
MSRP: $654.48

MAGNUM LIFT offers the luxury of converting your 2-speed manual landing gear into a power lift with a lifting capacity of 6,500lbs. at 7" per minute. Complete with switch box, wiring harness, connectors, mounting bracket and manual backup override in case of battery failure. Hook and unhook with ease. This lift will work with single or dual landing gear, and can mount on either side of the jack leg. The Magnum Electric is 9-1/2" wide, and installs with basic hand tools. 2-Year complete warranty.