Nodor Odor Eliminator Orange
Width 2.0 in.
Height 2.0 in.
Depth 7.0 in.
Weight 0.9 lbs.
Manufacturer DirectLine Industries
Manufacturer Part 138

Nodor Odor Eliminator Orange

SKU: 13-3004
MSRP: $16.86

Uses the fresh, natural power of citrus oils to eliminate foul odors in an office, restroom, kitchen, vehicles, and more with just one spray! Clears away the most stubborn odors in an instant - even skunk odor! A patented ingredient boosts the natural odor-eliminating power of Nodor to make it more effective than competitive odor fighting chemicals. Plus, the concentrated, long-lasting power makes Nodor the most economical odor control available. Nodor eliminates odors caused by: Animals & Pets, Cooking, Mold & Mildew, Tobacco Smoke, Trash Containers, Urine, Vomit and more!