Patriot Braking System
Width 22.0 in.
Height 14.0 in.
Depth 13.0 in.
Weight 18.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part BRK2012

Patriot Braking System

SKU: 14-5200
MSRP: $1,588.56

The Patriot brake proportionally applies the brakes smoothly while youUre slowing to a stop. No more jolts from your towed vehicle. The Patriot uses an electrical cylinder which means there are no air pumps, storage tanks or hoses eliminating the chance of leaking. The built in battery backup ensures power is always available to the brake. The innovative in coach controller allows you to monitor the brake using the easy to read LED display as well as manually applying the brakes and adjusting the brake system gain, all without leaving the drivers seat. Manually apply and adjust gain setting from coach with wireless remote

All electric. No pumps, tank or air hoses to leak Easy self calibration with the push of a button

Break away comes standard Built in battery ensures brake always has power

Works with hybrids