PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy
Width 3.5 in.
Height 1.5 in.
Depth 7.7 in.
Weight 0.2 lbs.
Manufacturer PERMATEX CORP.
Manufacturer Part 84101

PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy

SKU: 69-9451
MSRP: $4.19

Versatile, easy-to-use, multi-purpose epoxy adhesive for metals, fabric, fiberglass, glass, rubber, concrete and most plastics. When cured, can be drilled, sanded, threaded or filed. Resistant to fuels and solvents. Resists most liquids. Great for automotive applications. Convenient 2-part dispensing syringe. Fills gaps and bonds trim. Use on casting cracks and holes, auto trim and ornaments. 1 per card.