Portable Water Softener
Width 9.75 in.
Height 9.75 in.
Depth 22.0 in.
Weight 25.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part M7002

Portable Water Softener

SKU: 10-0435
MSRP: $279.03

RV-PRO 10,000 Portable Water Softener Protects your plumbing and appliances wherever you go! Enjoy clean, soft water for 10 to 20 days costing only pennies a week to operate! With just two boxes of common table salt, the RV-PRO 10,000 softens up to 1,000 gallons at 10 grains of hardness per cycle and regenerates in under 20 minutes. Flow-Pur double hose shut-off valve eliminates manually switching the inlet and outlet hoses to regenerate, making it the most user friendly, competitively priced RV water softener on the market today! Features: * One compact portable unit (8" x 22") * Uses only 2 lbs. of table salt per regeneration * Non-electric manual operation with no buttons or moving parts * High capacity resin with 10,000 total grain removal capacity * Unique y ball valve makes regenerating a snap * Hardness strips included