Premium Pillow Top 60" x 74" x 8"
Width 16.0 in.
Height 16.0 in.
Depth 59.0 in.
Weight 66.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part PSR6074

Premium Pillow Top 60" x 74" x 8"

SKU: 03-3508
MSRP: $675.74

All the comforts of home, and more! Get all the pleasure of a top of the line premium residential mattress in your RV today. If you plan on spending long periods of time in your RV, treat yourself to the first ever pillow top mattress designed exclusively for the RV market. This innerspring mattress was engineered with a built in pillow top for extra comfort. Using Viscoelastic memory foam, this mattress will conform to your body's shape while cradling you in comfort.