Recurve R3 WDH 600lb Kit
Width 34.25 in.
Height 11.5 in.
Depth 11.0 in.
Weight 89.0 lbs.
Manufacturer CAMCO MANUF. CO.
Manufacturer Part 48751

Recurve R3 WDH 600lb Kit

SKU: 14-0539
MSRP: $510.23

The ReCurve R3 is a weight distribution hitch that features adjustable sway control. By simply adjusting the clamp, you can decide how much sway control is exerted on the trailer. The ReCurve R3 will distribute the weight of your trailer evenly across the axles of the vehicle and provide as much sway control as you choose. Or, turn the sway control completely off in dangerous or icy road conditions. Its top-loading spring bars give it more ground clearance than other hitches, and the streamlined design makes the hitch and the trailer move as one, while creating a sleek look. Hitch ball included.