Replacement Lens for 55-8121
Width 6.38 in.
Height 1.0 in.
Depth 12.38 in.
Weight 1.38 lbs.
Manufacturer THIN LITE CORP.
Manufacturer Part D-652WHT

Replacement Lens for 55-8121

SKU: 18-0757
MSRP: $10.77

LIGHT LENS This surface mount light fixture provides efficient lighting for elegant interiors. Designed especially for OEM's they are easy to install in ceilings and under cabinets providing the "custom made" look. Clear acrylic diffuser lenses add the finishing touch. 16 watt, 12 VDC light 1.4amps

Dimensions: 16.843" x 7.3" x 1.56" Includes two F8T5CW fluorescent tubes

800 design lumens, White diamond polish

Rocker switch * 1.22 lb weight Replacement Lens Only